We’ve got an NPC on the way?

UpdatesNovember 13, 2015

There’s no patch this week, we’re on the two weekly patch cycle and have been for a while but it doesn’t mean there haven’t been some tasty changes. Let’s do this.

The M249 is on its way. This beefy ass gun is sure to make an impression the next time you run into someone in the wild dealing 25% more damage than the AK, but you’re going to need to take down a chopper to come into possession of one. The M249 isn’t an item you can craft and only drops from the chopper. It comes with a 100 round magazine and fires at a slightly slower rate than the AK. We’re expecting this to be a fun little weapon and can’t wait for it’s introduction.

Speaking of weapons, the AK also got a little love this week and has been updated. We’re moving towards other modifications of weapons such as different stocks, grips, or magazines to further pimp out your killing machines.

The FOV exploits have received a fix which previously allow players to set their FOV at stupid or clever levels in order to snipe over huge distances or see through walls.

The building system as we’ve mentioned in previous posts is really pretty bad right now. There’s tonnes of tiny little issues that need to be fixed and are being address but will take a little bit of time. We expect some pillar and stability changes to be coming up in the next patch but the other fixes are going to lag a bit and come through over the next coming weeks.

Lastly, and most excitingly, theres talk of work on an NPC on the way. The Scientist is apparently an NPC that you’ll eventually encounter out in the world shrouded in a tonne of mystery. It’s been mentioned that they’ll pay special attention to certain things around the island but at this stage there’s so much mystery we’ll wait until theres more detail. Despite this, exciting much?

As usual there’s been other small changes made and they’re all covered in the dev blog, so make sure you head on over and take a look.