We’ve got new textures and rocks with Procgen 11.1.

UpdatesJanuary 7, 2016

The newest iteration of the terrain generation engine for Rust is due out with the update and wipe this week and we’ve got a different look and feel on the way.

The biggest noticeable couple of changes are the new rock formations which are littering the map with very dramatic rock clusters all sitting atop brand new textures for gravel, dirt, and sand.

Water has also received a small bump and now looks a little bit muddier. Along with the water changes there are large mossy rocks forming in the water and sticking out of the surface which provide for really excellent looking waterways, perhaps even new platforms to build mini structures on etc.

Across the board it’s a texture and shape change for most of the terrain decorations which will take some time to get used to but generally looks great.