Who wants to play in the sandbox?

GeneralApril 19, 2016

Do you have a brilliant idea for a build but the thought of gathering resources to complete it is just way too much? Do you have a burning desire to test out the Flame Thrower? Our sandbox server might just be what you’re looking for. We’ve setup a new sandbox server that clothes you, arms you, and equips you with tools and resources you need to get started.

Along with the starter kit you can spawn items, fly, no clip, see who else is online easily, teleport to someone, make yourself invisible, enable god mode, upgrade a whole building instantly, automatically build with stone/metal/armour, and easily destroy something you’ve built.

Like a typical sandbox we’ve designed it to let you get creative and test out your skills before you commit to them on our live server.

For more information about the sandbox server and the commands available justĀ head on over to our Sandbox page.