You could hear a pin drop…

UpdatesMarch 11, 2016

Rust development has been moving slowly over the last month or so. The team has been busy working on system tweaks or other features that aren’t that visible, but do help overall with how Rust works and behaves from a player and stability point of view. It’s one of those processes that takes a fair bit of time but is necessary for a polished product, especially when trying to move out of early access which is exactly what Facepunch is trying to do.

They have been working on some brand new features like the XP Leveling and Technology Tree system but these are yet another month off. Along with that the Facepunch team have slowed down development to 20% of their time spent on Rust and are involved in a conference coming up shortly that will tie them up for a little bit.

At this stage there’s not much movement at the station and we’re eagerly awaiting the scrapping of the Blueprint system and the introduction of the XP Leveling and Technology Tree system. Patience is a virtue.